Shades of Shagrir is now a 8yo gelding and  stands at 15.1 hands neat with shoes. He has commenced endurance training with Pioneer Endurance.

He is a strong and powerful riding horse with loads of scope and ability & we look forward to competing with him. 
Brother to many exceptional competing horses both  here in Australia and overseas.

During 2009 Shades of Shagrir completed 80km rides to successfully attain his Yellow Book or, Endurance Horse Status.  As an Endurance Horse he has a 100% completion rate in all FEI and AERA events.  During 2011 he displayed some really fantastic recoveries at FEI events, with 7 minutes 37 seconds total recovery time for a 80km 3 hold event...the best on the field for that day.  
2012 has seen Shagrir with another 100% completion record for rides entered, including a 120km marathona and placing 2nd at his first attempt over 100 miles.

He has a number of progeny on the ground, such as Pioneer Park Talieb, Pioneer Park In Hollywood and Pioneer Park True Blue.

Shades of Shagrir


 Shades of
Simeon Shagrir Plakat Aswan
Nadira Aswan
Naydia-Notova Simeon Samuel Jamil
Hawkesbury Belinda Mustafa

Simeon Shagrir (imp) & Naydia-Notova