This lovely gelding is from the exotic russian beauty PP Azaylia and sired by the endurance horse Shades of ShagrirHollywood has some of the country's finest Russian and Crabbet breeding withinhis pedigree...Greengrove Vussja - Simeon Shagrir - Simeon Samuel - Crystal Fire- Mustafa.

*** Hollywood carries the same lines of that of the Dual WEC winning horse NOBBY*** (winner 2008 & 2010!! what an amazing animal!) with 4 x crosses to Priboj and Aswan, and 2 x crosses to Arax (Sire of Nabeg)

Very upright and proud with a tad of attitude, he carries himself like a proud and magnificant animal showing himself to his admirers.  He has good strong legs & is well muscled, broard shoulders and small curly ears with the most divine eyes.  And fast, perhaps a trait inherited from his race  winning grandsire Plakat.

Pioneer Park In Hollywood


Pioneer Park
 In Hollywood 
Shades of Shagrir
Simeon Shagrir Plakat
Nadira of Tersk
Naydia-Notova Simeon Samuel
Hawkesberry Belinda
Pioneer Park Azaylia Turingal Park Nijinski Greengrove Vussja
Nikeii Nikita
Azaria Estashan