Azaria was purchased in the late 90's from the dispersing NSW El Rebel stud and arrived with a foal at foot by Simeon Sinai.  She had produced a number of fillies earlier for Desert Fox Arabians to some very well known sires as well as being shown breifly in hand.

She was used sparingly for us at Pioneer Park Arabians and crossed well with the very  performed Kelkette Park bred stallion Lyle (Dec), producing retained gelding Navarone.  Then bred locally to egyptian stallion Maf-Ue El Hossan for the filly foal Amurra and afterwards to then resident Russian stallion, Turingal Park Nijinski for another filly Azaylia.

Azaria was then sold; a decision which we always regretted and especially so when the retained progeny started to perform in the show ring and in endurance.

During 2009 we negotiated her return and she spent some time with friends close to Brisbane bringing her back to optimun health before travelling to The Cameo Stud where she was bred to Cedardell Zanzibar.  The resulting foal
from this mating was the colt named Pioneer Park Exchange
Home now she will stay with us for the rest of her days.   

Dam of ride winning Pioneer Park Navarone, & Endurance Mares Pioneer Park Azaylia & Pioneer Park Amurra.

*** Azaria is about to head off for one last trip to visit a very special man for a 2012 foal.  
Be sure to view our site again SOON to find out WHO she visits***


Estashan Malik Hadban Enzahi
Estasha Shaker El Masri
Andriana Simeon Shagrir
Anastazia Naplyv