Jo Arblaster image from Shahzada 2011
Shahzada 2011 completion: Photo by Jo Arblaster

Amurra is an absolute moving powerhouse!  Currently standing at just 14.3 and solid in build, the years of living on the hilly country has really paid off as she is strong and sound and sure footed. She is very sweet and appears to thrive on the work endurance gives her - a very focused and driven mare.

Good solid clean legs and big strong muscles, she carries a Lightweight or Middleweight rider with ease and just eats up the hills with effortless strides.  Amurra has successfully commenced training with Pioneer Endurance and completed as many multi-day marathons as she has one day 80km endurance rides!  

Sibling to ride winning Pioneer Park Navarone & Endurance mare
Pioneer Park Azaylia.



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