Endurance riding is fast becoming a highly professional and competitive horse sport – both within Australia and around the globe. There are also plenty of riders who compete for the love of the horses, the sport and enjoying riding on the country tracks in a friendly, non-competitive atmosphere.  Many endurance enthusiasts also believe that within a few years we will see endurance riding be included as an Olympic Sport.

While Endurance is about riding horses over long distances, no matter what level you are at in the sport, the welfare of the horse is paramount and the challenge for the rider is to prepare and manage his horse so that he finishes the ride in the best possible condition. Then you must meet and pass the strict criteria set down by the vet panel.

Most of the horses competing in endurance within Australia are Arabian or Arabian crosses, but any horse that is sound, properly prepared and has some sort of fitness can successfully take part in endurance riding.



Endurance riding in Queensland is supported locally by a strong membership within the Mackay District.  There are 2 clubs who hold endurance rides annually in the district; the PURE Endurance Inc club who host the increasingly popular Finch Hatton ride plus Breakaway Horse Riders Club Inc – a club that is dedicated to holding both trail and endurance rides.  Mackay has many experienced members with a wealth of knowledge, who are always happy to help newcomers to the sport.

All rides that are held within the Mackay District are affiliated with the Qld  Endurance Riders Association; and  generally consist of a 20km Introductory Ride, a 40 km Training Ride and an Endurance Ride of between 80km & 160 km.  Rides are held at varying locations, including the serene Finch Hatton, Nebo property Wandoo, Eton properties, Oakdale and the Retreat Station while new venues being constantly considered to give the best riding experience possible.

To learn more about Endurance riding in Queensland, visit the Qld Endurance Riders website 
Photo above Quilty 3rd Leg  

Endurance Riding Australia. To Complete is to Win!

Above - Narmond Silver Gift at 17 years, winner & Best Conditioned horse 100km ride
Photo Credit DEB KELSO